Outdoor LivingHow to Create a Luxury Home on a Budget

You do not have to spend a fortune to create a home that feels and looks luxurious. With creativity and determination, you can create the home of your dreams without spending millions or thousands.

Declutter Your Spaces

 So simple, yet so important. Eliminating clutter and creating a clean living environment is the easiest way to elevate the look of your home and it costs you nothing.

  • Get rid of furniture you do not use or need. Shelves, tables, chairs that serve no purpose and only take up space.
  • Maintain your home clean and tidy. Clear countertops and floors, dust, clean your windows. It’s the little details that go a long way.

Living Room

The living room is the most important room in any home. It’s where you spend most of your time and usually the first room visitors enter, so it should be a place that is both functional and luxurious. This means that you’ll want to make sure your living room has a neutral color palette and statement piece, as well as other features like a rug, fireplace or console table. When thinking about what pieces from our list will work best for your living room design ideas, remember:

  • Color Palette – Choose colors that match with each other but also contrast nicely against one another to add depth to your space. A luxurious home normally avoids very bright colors and reserves them for statement pieces.
  • Statement Piece – This can be anything from artwork on the wall to a large vase of flowers on an end table or mantelpiece above the fireplace, depending on what kind of style you’re going for!
  • Rug – The rug ties everything together visually (and adds warmth).


Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Think of a fancy hotel you’ve visited, how luxurious and relaxed it made you feel. Now recreate those feelings in your own space.

  • Your bed should be the focal point of your bedroom. Invest in fine sheets, pillows, and blankets. Everytime you go into your bedroom your bed should be calling you in.
  • Use neutral colors that create a warm and bright environment.
  • Consider investing in a statement lighting fixture in the bedroom that adds both brightness and luxury.
  • Lighting is everything in your bathroom. Consider brighter lighting and large mirrors in the bathroom to open up the space. Choosing tile with light color will also help in keeping the room light and bright.
  • Make sure your bathrooms are clean ! This will not require much investment, but will make all the difference.


The backyard is often forgotten about during the home remodeling process but investing in this space of your home cannot only increase your resale value but add another space where you and your family can come together.

  • Add a fire pit or fireplace ( whichever is within budget).
  • Upgrade your house lights. Your home most likely came with outdoor lights, you can upgrade those to something more decorative that makes a statement.
  • Take care of your landscaping! Manicure your shrubs, mow your lawn, add decorative pots and plants. Bring life to your backyard!
  • Invest in outdoor furniture where you, your family and friends can gather.

A luxurious home is within reach. With hard work, creativity, some light investments, and treasure hunting, you can create a home that can compete with any other luxury home.

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