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Thriving communities consist of new and old developments, and more home and property owners are investing in their current locations according to trends. Families stay where they are for their beloved school systems, or food fans stick with their current residence for the walkability to favorite restaurants. History buffs often love the architecture of their older homes and simply cannot find the same feeling with a completely new build. Whatever the reason, conducting a whole-house remodel is a great option to bring your already-loved home into contemporary living. Here’s where Don Collins Custom Homes can help. 

What is a whole-house remodel? 

Some residential projects can start quite impulsively, like painting or even laying out new flooring; a whole-house remodel requires much more forethought. With many factors circulating a larger project, it is crucial to research, discuss, and even go back to the drawing board to ensure complete satisfaction with the final product. At Don Collins Builder, we can help you with the selection process when faced with overwhelming facets. Together, we can solidify your project plans to ensure you feel confident from start to finish. Below, you will find popular remodeling choices we are well-versed in and how they can fit seamlessly into your prospective project. 

Luxury Bathroom 

Luxury Bathroom

Starting your morning routine in a beautiful, intentional space can set the precedent for the rest of your day. Your bathroom plays a massive part in the entire feel of your home and personalized grooming care. If you are big on self-care at home, a relaxing tub and stunning vanities bring aspects of luxury to regular rituals. 

For skincare and beauty enthusiasts, options for lighting and storage help with the application and shelf life of your products. People fall in love with organizing and finding a rhythm with their regimens once they have an aesthetic, functional space. Even the touches of heated floors, restored tile, and updated fixtures can help homeowners extend the life of their bathroom while still enjoying the space. 

Custom Kitchens

Custom Kitchen

People who love entertaining friends and family may already have a custom kitchen plan. Don Collins can help those plans feel authentically personal with specific style and details. When you collaborate with our design team, you have numerous options with details including:

  • Customized Design and Island Layouts
  • Open Concept with removal of existing walls and adding windows
  • Personalized Storage
  •   Quartz or Granite Countertops  
  •   Appliance Selections 

With over 2 generations of whole-house remodel experience, we can create an immaculate kitchen that checks all the boxes. 

Additional Rooms 

Home Theater 

During the height of the pandemic, the use of media software and streaming services exploded, and many found a new dimension of their hobbies and passions with award-winning viewing experiences. People are rediscovering the use of dedicated spaces in their heightened home theaters. Gamers, producers, and movie enthusiasts all agree: custom home theaters and media rooms with state-of-the-art sound and visual features make all the difference. 

Secondary Office 

It’s a massive benefit for people who can work from home (and a more significant win for the pets who love having their humans home more often). Yet, it may not be an effective solution for all to have one person working in a home office and the other with a makeshift standing desk in the bedroom or kitchen. 

By upgrading to an additional office space, two working individuals in one household can comfortably work throughout the day without interrupting the other, creating a healthy boundary for time and space. A separate personal and work life is possible, even if your commute is walking down the hall. 

Home Gym 

If you need to maximize your time working out and are dedicated to maintaining or reaching a particular physique, a home gym offers a private space to achieve those goals. For people who have machines and do rigorous activity during their workouts (i.e., weight lifting, CrossFit, or combat practice), installing durable flooring and reliable air circulation creates a safe gym space that leaves little to no impact on the rest of your home. Don Collins  understands what it takes to transform a basement, garage space, or entirely new area to help homeowners realize their gym dreams.


Considering the Resale Value 

Even if your goal does not end with you staying in your home, a whole-house remodel can improve the value of your house and attract future buyers. Buyers are looking at renovations that surpass trends and stand the test of time, and you can rely on Don Collins to provide lasting, quality improvements. Connect with us today and start your whole-house remodel!

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