New North Raleigh Luxury Home Lots available in Bella Vista Neighborhood

Raleigh NC Luxury Home Builder, Don Collins Builder now has new North Raleigh Luxury Home Lots available in the newest and most sought after neighborhood to break ground in the Triangle in over a decade, Bella Vista.

Set on the backdrop of a serene seventy-seven acres of rolling countryside in one of the most desirable locations across the area, the North Raleigh Luxury Home Lots at Bella Vista are limited and moving very fast.

The award winning Raleigh NC Luxury Home Builder, Don Collins Builder, was hand selected to be a part of the builder team that will begin construction soon on the new North Raleigh Luxury Home Lots at Bella Vista. They have previously built some of the most impressive homes in the Raleigh area at such prestigious neighborhoods as Chatsworth, Hasentree, Linville, and The Registry, putting an emphasis on attention to detail and specifics on all of their luxury homes, which have ranged in price from $850,000 to upwards of $4 million.

The accolades and awards have been plentiful for the Raleigh NC Luxury Home Builder, Don Collins Builder, as they have been honored multiple times with both Gold and Silver level awards by the Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County in their prestigious annual Parade of Homes showcase.

With beautiful lakefront, meadow, and basement North Raleigh Luxury Home Lots at Bella Vista to choose from that range in size from .67 to over one acre and with prices starting around $900,000, there is no doubt that the Don Collins Builder personal commitment to integrity, quality, detailed construction, as well as customer relationships and satisfaction that they have built their reputation on for over 35 years make them the perfect choice in fulfilling your dreams and building your new luxury home.

For more information on the incredible plans and custom styles and features that Don Collins Builder can offer you at Bella Vista, Contact Don at 919-845-7090.


Buying a Lot to build your New Raleigh Home

There are several key steps to ensure you are not hit with hidden costs or issues when Buying a Lot to build your new Raleigh Home. Once you have purchased the land on which to build your new home, the award winning team at Don Collins Builder, Inc. are the best in the business at working with you step by step through the design and construction process in making your dream house become a reality. However, there are several items to be considered when Buying a Lot to build your New Raleigh Home  to be certain that it suits all of your needs.


First and foremost, before Buying a Lot to build your New Raleigh Home on, you want to consider its location. Nearby schools and activities for your family, access to freeways or roads that you may need to travel frequently, as well as the size, are just a few of things to be thought over when choosing where you want to call home. Even though all land might appear to be the “right spot”, it is imperative to be certain that you can build as you’d like on your prospective lot. Checking topography and soil conditions will help you to make this call.

Developed or Undeveloped

The choice between developed and undeveloped property is another you must weigh out, on an undeveloped plot, you may incur extra expenses, such as bringing in utilities and even building and maintaining roads leading to and from your home. Zoning issues are another crucial factor you need to be clear on before building, as they can impact where on the property you can build. Just as important is checking to see what types of permits may be needed at a prospective building location, as there are some areas with limited requirements. Other areas could call for a need for permits to be acquired for nearly every aspect of the home building project.

Restrictive Covenants

When Buying a lot to build your New Home on, you should be certainto be certain that it does not have any restrictive covenants before making a final decision on your property purchase. These legal obligations could exist on the property deed and limit you from a variety of things ranging from building a fence, running an in home business, to the design and style of your home.

Lien Assessment & Easements

Your awareness of any liens or easements that might be attached to a lot is also essential, as you could become liable for money owed by previous occupants if there is a lien. If an easement were included in the deed to the land, it could allow the utilities to legally place power or gas lines on your property or for a neighbor to have the right to use your property in some cases.

Hidden Costs

It is always wise to take into consideration all possible costs and expenses you may incur when buying property. Having a survey done of any land you plan to purchase so that you are 100 percent sure of your property boundaries is also a must, and lastly things also needing either a well or a septic system can make a drastic difference in your expenses and could make for a huge difference in cost even when deciding between two pieces of land that a roughly the same size.


Energy Efficient Remodeling at your Raleigh Home

When consulting and planning  for Energy Efficient Remodeling at your Raleigh Home , why not lower your utility bills as you beautify your home? The award winning team at Don Collins Builder, Inc. will not only give you the exact look you are seeking in any room in your house, but being on top of the latest green building trends, can also save you on energy costs in the future.

There are several easy tips in making your remodel one that will save you over the long haul by making your home more energy efficient and eco-friendly. As noted by Green Building expert, Carl Seville in one of the several books on the topic he has authored, “Green Building: Principles and Practices in Residential Construction,” there are eight simple tips to make your remodel or room addition more energy efficient.

First, he advises to check for any condensation, water intrusion, or moisture before beginning your project to improve the air quality and eliminate mold issues in your home. Adding a humidistat that automatically turns on the fan in your bathroom, to reduce moisture will also bring down the chances of having mold. Another suggestion is to lessen the amount of framing when adding walls. This will lower lumber costs and leave more room for insulation to increase the energy efficiency in your home. Using a single, “low-flow” shower head is an easy way to cut water costs, as is using a high efficiency or solar powered water heater. If possible, another way to save is to add HVAC ducts to areas in your home that are heated and cooled when doing your remodel project and also insulate around any protruding lights in areas such as an attic to cut down on air leaks. Another simple step to cutting that power bill is to install wall-mounted efficiency toggle plates near your computer or television, giving you an easy way to cut their power when they are not in use.

These are just a few tips that the award winning, Don Collins Builder, Inc. team can use to give you a beautiful new look and save you money on utility costs through Energy Efficient Remodeling at your Raleigh Home.