Energy Efficient Remodeling at your Raleigh Home

When consulting and planning  for Energy Efficient Remodeling at your Raleigh Home , why not lower your utility bills as you beautify your home? The award winning team at Don Collins Builder, Inc. will not only give you the exact look you are seeking in any room in your house, but being on top of the latest green building trends, can also save you on energy costs in the future.

There are several easy tips in making your remodel one that will save you over the long haul by making your home more energy efficient and eco-friendly. As noted by Green Building expert, Carl Seville in one of the several books on the topic he has authored, “Green Building: Principles and Practices in Residential Construction,” there are eight simple tips to make your remodel or room addition more energy efficient.

First, he advises to check for any condensation, water intrusion, or moisture before beginning your project to improve the air quality and eliminate mold issues in your home. Adding a humidistat that automatically turns on the fan in your bathroom, to reduce moisture will also bring down the chances of having mold. Another suggestion is to lessen the amount of framing when adding walls. This will lower lumber costs and leave more room for insulation to increase the energy efficiency in your home. Using a single, “low-flow” shower head is an easy way to cut water costs, as is using a high efficiency or solar powered water heater. If possible, another way to save is to add HVAC ducts to areas in your home that are heated and cooled when doing your remodel project and also insulate around any protruding lights in areas such as an attic to cut down on air leaks. Another simple step to cutting that power bill is to install wall-mounted efficiency toggle plates near your computer or television, giving you an easy way to cut their power when they are not in use.

These are just a few tips that the award winning, Don Collins Builder, Inc. team can use to give you a beautiful new look and save you money on utility costs through Energy Efficient Remodeling at your Raleigh Home.