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Have you found yourself in this position? You’re ready for something new, but it’s not just the kitchen or the bathroom or master bedroom, it’s the whole thing. You want to change everything! Except, you love your neighborhood, the community in which you live is safe and peaceful, and other than wanting to change up your home, there isn’t another reason for you to leave the area. So, you find yourself going back and forth between these questions; to renovate or to move?


In the current Real Estate Market of Raleigh, NC it would be more beneficial to renovate than to buy. Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and the second largest city in the state with a population that is on the incline. According to the Lending Tree mortgage site, Raleigh is currently the third most competitive market in the entire country. The average homebuyer has a credit score of 700, is putting down 20% or MORE in down payments, and sometimes shopping for mortgages before looking for a home. Not to mention, with so many developments in the city and population growth, land is not as easy to come by.


Your dreams of a new home do not have to stop because of how the market looks. Maybe money isn’t the issue, but why go through all that trouble? Why fight for a new home if you are already in an area that you love and own. A brand-new oasis is still possible with the option of a whole home renovation. Don Collins has been building custom homes and providing high end home remodeling in Raleigh, NC for multiple generations. If a new home is what you want, then a new home is what you will get. A whole home remodel means you get to keep your land, stay in the neighborhood you love, avoid the stress of fighting in the current market, and still receive a new home. Why move when you can renovate.

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We have been building custom homes in Raleigh, NC for multiple generations. Our parade of homes awards are an example of a commitment to excellence. We only build a few homes per year, so you are getting the full attention towards the home of your dreams!
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