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Geothermal Energy

Although Geothermal technology has existed since the 1940s, its popularity has significantly in recent years among homeowners. Geothermal Energy requires more upfront investment but provides unlimited energy to heat and cool your home. Geothermal heat pumps draw heat from the ground and store it in a looped piping system.

When the temperature drops outside, heat in the pipes is released and brought inside to warm the space. In the summer, this process is reversed and heat from the air is transferred through the pipes back to the ground outdoors. The temperature underground cools the refrigerant in the system when the weather gets warm and then returns cool air to your property.

Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

Dual-fuel heat pumps combine an electric heat pump and a gas furnace to create a more energy-efficient unit. These units are an extremely eco-friendly solution that comes with a unique feature that prompts the unit to switch from electric to gas heat when the temperature dips under 35 degrees.

Solar Energy

Solar Panels are emerging as one of the most desired technologies for people who want to utilize the natural power around us, the sun.

The location of your home and style of construction will determine how much power you can collect. By taking advantage of solar power, you can bring down your energy consumption and supply excess energy to your utility company. Additionally, the government grant, incentive, and tax breaks to those who want to use solar power in their homes.

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