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Your family has expanded, but the square footage of your house has not. If your home is getting cramped, the temptation to pick up and move might be great. But moving can be a huge expense. Instead of moving, you can make your existing space more livable by renovating. This guide will show you how to add an addition or remodel any home so that it’s more comfortable for everyone!


Extend your backyard

You could add a covered porch or flagstone patio, which is an excellent way to expand the living area of your home. These can be customized and designed according to your specific needs, so they’re great for homeowners who want to give their property some extra curb appeal.

You could also convert part of your backyard into a pool area or fire pit. Pools are great because they’re not just fun for children; adults love swimming and relaxing as well! And if you have kids, having a place where they can hang out with their friends will get them off their devices and outside more often.

You could also add an outdoor kitchen and fireplace, perfect for those chilly fall nights when everyone wants to sit around enjoying each other’s company without having to go inside for dinner every night!

Create a custom basement or attic.

A basement remodel is a great way to expand your home’s living space. If you have a basement, consider making it more versatile by adding new features such as a Home Theater, Exercise Room, Home Office, Bedroom and Bathroom. With a professional contractor at the helm, it is possible to transform your basement within budget and at a speedy pace!

It’s best to hire a professional when you’re dealing with the ceiling of your home.

The benefits of finishing an attic are as follows:

  • It gives you more space without buying a new home.
  • You can create extra rooms or storage areas in your home.
  • Finished attics have higher resale values.

Add a second story to your home. This may be the most obvious solution. Adding an entire second story to your home can give you more square footage, not just in terms of square feet, but also in rooms. If you already have an open-concept living room and kitchen, adding an upstairs would allow you to add additional bedrooms and baths, or even a game room, theater room, office, or library. Of course, this is not all about expanding your current living space; it’s also about creating a new floor plan for your family and their needs going forward.



It’s not about buying more square feet, but about making your existing home work for you. Start by looking at what you have and where it could be better utilized; then take action on those plans!

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