Outdoor LivingA Homeowner’s Guide to Outdoor Living

Quit thinking of your yard as simply a backyard and begin to explore the possibilities of outdoor living. 

What is outdoor living?

Outdoor living spaces come in all shapes and sizes but they serve one purpose, they allow the homeowner to enjoy the outdoors while never even leaving their home. An outdoor patio to relax in and read a book, an inground pool to cool off during the summer, or a full outdoor kitchen to entertain guests or simply enjoy a nice dinner with your family. The possibilities are truly endless and can even seem overwhelming. Allow this guide to point you in the right direction towards building the backyard of your dreams. 


Plan your outdoor living space. 

Begin by assessing your current backyard. What is the current architecture? Is your backyard’s current architecture something you want to get rid of or will you allow it to inspire your new build.  Identify objects like trees and bushes, will you be keeping them or getting rid of them? 

What activities do you want to be able to do in your new outdoor living space? Make a list of your top priorities. Do you enjoy swimming, cooking, relaxing, entertaining, gardening? All of this matters as it will inspire what you actually need and do not need in your backyard. If you enjoy entertaining and barbecuing, then maybe a full outdoor bar and kitchen is what you need. If your priority is a place to relax and unwind, then maybe an outdoor living room with a fireplace is the way to go. 

What is the architectural style of your home? You want your outdoor living space to be an extension of your home and to seamlessly flow with the already existing architecture.  


Backyard Surface Elements 

Patios: A patio is typically found adjacent to your home and is made with gravel or concrete. They are generally not raised from the ground and do not have to have walls surrounding it.

Patios and Walkways: A patio is typically found adjacent to your home. They are generally not raised from the ground and do not require walls surrounding them. Built from cement pavers, flagstone or travertine surfaces, patios and walkways serve as a connection between indoor and outdoor elements of the home. 


Backyard Water Features 

Inground Pools: an inground pool is always a lovely addition to any backyard. The beauty of them is that they come in many shapes and sizes and with the right builder, they can seamlessly match with your home. 

Fountains: this decorative water feature, whether a part of your pool or a stand alone fountain, can certainly add an element of luxury to your home. A running water fountain can also sound relaxing and adds an ambiance of tranquility to your outdoor living space.

Hot tubs: talk about luxury and also a guilty pleasure. A hot tub can be built as an extension of your pool or as a stand alone, the choice is yours. This water feature is both perfect for relaxing and entertaining.


Outdoor Kitchens 

If you enjoy entertaining or family dinners are a priority for you, a full outdoor kitchen is definitely something you should consider for your home. With an outdoor kitchen you can go as big or as small as you want. Elements that could be included are: 

  • Countertops 
  • Grills 
  • Barbecue smokers 
  • Ovens and Burners
  • Outdoor Refrigerators 
  • Pizza Ovens 
  • Sinks 
  • Dinner Room Table 
  • A Bar Countertop 


Remember that you would need to build coverage for your kitchen as you would not want it to be fully exposed to the elements. 

Outdoor Living Room 

An outdoor living room is exactly what it sounds like, a fully furnished space in your backyard where you and your family can come together and relax. Note that with this area you will also want to construct coverage or a roof to protect your furniture and appliances from the elements. This space could include: 

  • A large sitting area (S-A)
  • A TV
  • A Fireplace 
  • A Screen or Wall for Privacy

Unlock your home’s full potential with the outdoor living space of your dreams. Don’t limit yourself and your family to four walls, upscale your backyard with renovations by Don Collins that exceed your dreams.

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