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  • HVAC – ACCA Manual S / ACCA Manual D
  • Duct Air Sealing
  • Air Barrier / Thermal Envelope Air Sealing
  • Lighting in Building Envelope
  • LED Lighting

At Don Collins Builder we focus on building homes that meet the strict Energy Efficiency guidelines of ENERGY STAR.

Energy Efficiency is one of the largest components of Green Building because of its large environmental impact, generating 25% to 35% energy savings. It is all about installing energy smart appliances & increasing natural light that not only lowers your ecological footprint but also your utilities bill.

The ENERGY STAR label on a piece of equipment states that a particular product has been deemed as energy efficient by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Energy Star Appliances

Appliances have two costs: what it costs to purchase and what it costs to run the appliance. Energy Star certified appliances incorporate advanced technologies that use 10–50 percent less energy and water than standard models. Energy Star certified appliances may be more costly than standard models, however the money you save on your utility bills more than makes up for the difference in price.

The Energy Star label is a valuable tool for consumers who are in the market for any number of new products and appliances. By looking for the Energy Star label, you can ensure that the product you end up buying is more energy-efficient than most alternatives. This will save you money and help to lower your impact on the environment.

Energy Star Windows

Energy Star windows and doors are essential in the Green Home building marketplace.Windows and doors are the third most cost-effective opportunity for making a home energy efficient. Control window and door heat loss and gain by selecting appropriate window and door products, carefully locating them, and optimizing their size and orientation.

Energy Star windows also greatly reduce sound transfer between outside and inside, resulting in heating and cooling costs savings and home values rising.

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